We’ve all run across the generic 404 Error pages – pretty boring, eh? The opportunity for a potential customer running into a 404 Error page is terrifying for large and small businesses alike. The larger your website, the more likely you will have a few broken links every now and then, whether you forget to change a link from a deleted page or a button wasn’t programmed correctly.

Why not turn this negative experience into a positive though? Instead of having a visitor land on a dead page, show off a bit of your personality and redirect them.

I updated our Nellett Studio 404 Error page to be a bit more entertaining.





To implement my new 404 Error page, I designed a new unlinked page under went to > Settings > Advanced > 404 Error / Page Not Found and added my custom 404 page from the dropdown list.

What makes a great 404 Error page?

  • Let your visitors know that it is your site, make it obvious. Use your logo, same page design/feel and other branding elements
  • Tell them that they are on a broken page, don’t try to hide it
  • Make it a quick read, no need to inconvenience your visitors more
  • Direct them to what they were looking for either with a navigation menu, search box, contact info and/or button(s) to other working pages (i.e. homepage)

BONUS: A custom 404 Error page will provide a better user experience and visitors will want to stay longer on your site – SEO points!

With so much imagination and customization available – why be boring!? Squarespace has a great tutorial on how to update your Squarespace 404 Error page: Squarespace – Creating a custom 404 error page

Does your 404 Error page need some revamping, hit me up I’ve got ideas!


What does your 404 Error page look like – share with us!